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09 September 2012 @ 04:55 pm
After almost a year of leaving my update log untouched, I'd like to present my fansite to Sheryl Nome from the animanga series, Macross Frontier.

Galactic Fairy

I'm glad that I can finally complete the triangle alongside the impressive Ranka and Alto fansites created by giorno and mahou respectively. Sheryl is my favorite character in the series, as evidenced by my long use of a Sheryl user icon for ages, for her fierce and confident nature. Taken with a grain of salt, she's a fiesty role model shining in a world of angsty, passive-aggressive anime females.

I also have two new fanlistings to present.

Samurai Champloo   Scarlet Witch

Freelance is a fanlisting to Samurai Champloo, an stylishly clever series that you can watch over and over, while finding new jokes and new insight each time. I'm grateful to mentalghost for adopting this to me. Red in the Ledger is a fanlisting for the Scarlet Witch of Marvel Comics fame. While I'm more of a DC fan overall, I am more drawn to the women of Marvel.

Lastly, I have an OBSCENE amount of personal linking to update. Seriously, piles upon piles of affiliations, link exchanges, notices of moving are scattered in my email boxes. The backlog started slowly and then built up to an unmanageable amount, with personal domain housekeeping taking a backseat to shared community work or real life work. If your linking-related correspondence with me has been delayed or misplaced, I thank you for your patience.

Fortunately, by utilizing my new smartphone and the wide array of productivity multi-platform software available now, I am developing systems to better balance the workload. Soon, I will have a more consistent schedule for updating links.
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09 October 2011 @ 06:10 pm
PROJECTS: By the end of the year, I aim to have a new layout design for my Lightning fansite and maybe a couple more pages for my Rinoa fansite. After that, I will concentrate on my entry for the amassment General Series Fansite Marathon all the way through to 2012. I also have one fanlisting upcoming, and possibly more. I really need to work on resisting too.

ICONS: I never plan to icon. I just get hit by inspiration or I can't find icons of the pictures I want. This time, it was Girls Generation's recent teaser PV. Since I felt guilt for iconning kpop more, despite loving jpop/rock music most, I threw in some icons of the endearing girlie rock band, SCANDAL. If you use, please credit newtype or specialattack (on Livejournal), or Wild-Seven.Org (outside Livejournal).

[27] Girls Generation (SNSD)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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26 September 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Fanlistings: I have adopted the Lulu (Final Fantasy X) fanlisting from As Lulu has very few official images, it features fanart by a doujinshi artist. I was very nervous emailing the artist to ask to use the picture, especially since he's Japanese and I wasn't sure how well we could communicate. However, he understood and was very kind about it! People should definitely contact artists more without concern. The worst they can do is say no.

Linking: Thanks to amassment's Link Drive and Banner Trade activities, I have a new link exchanges for my shrines, as well as a bunch of shiny new linking buttons. I also finally got around to affiliating with akushiro's ♥

Marathon: Speaking of amassment, I am co-organizing a General Series Fansite Marathon! It's going to be good. Shrine fansites are so personally fulfilling, but I always need a push to get started on one. This marathon will give the motivation I needed. It's going to be a Gundam-related fansite. I think the hardest part will be making a layout, as I can't find many images from that series that suit my design style. Since I'm pretty busy academically this semester, I'm a little concerned about all my offline and online projects, but I think the full load will help me make the most of every day. :)

Icons: I have become very interested in an Asian pop group called Rainbow. It's a kpop girl group that recently impressed me with their Japanese debut. They spoke Japanese well and seem to fit in with the culture there. Japan is a huge music market, and many kpop companies push their artists to debut there quickly in order to get their slice of the profit. However, many of these crossover debuts are half-assed. They barely learn the language, about their audience, or spend much time there. It's borders on disrespectful and the songs end up sounding ridiculous to people who understand it. Rainbow looks promising so far, and I was inspired to make some icons.

Preview: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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09 August 2011 @ 02:34 pm
Hello! I'm back from my 2 month long trip and ready to start working on websites again.

The Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S fanlisting is up. The Ein, Tank!, and Priss Asagiri fanlistings have been moved.

Castles in the Sky has a new layout, but it probably won't last long. I've already found another image that I want to use instead. haha. The reason why I change my fanlisting collective design so often is because I view that website like practice. With big shrines, I feel like they're so indicative of my work, that I'm a little nervous to touch them, and making them becomes a big project. But with my fanlisting collective, it's easier to just view it as a big piece of canvas to mess around on.

Vanishing Star has been renamed to Wishing Star. I liked the previous name, but I never heard back from the fanartist who coined the name after telling him about it, nor did I know if he got it from elsewhere. All in all, it was a rather impulsive choice. When I was trying out new name, I accidentally saved the flattened version of the layout PSD, with Wishing Star as the title. Thus, the new name was formed by chance, and I rather enjoy silly stories like that.

Wishing Star, One or Eight, and Aquarelle will be getting new banners soon thanks to amassment's Banner Trade event.
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03 June 2011 @ 01:19 pm

I present One or Eight, the extension of my Do As Infinity fanlisting for amassment's Fanlisting → Shrine Marathon. There's a new layout and oodles of new content. I'm really happy that this got done. DAI was my first fanlisting and it's been gathering virtual cobwebs with a tiny-text iframe layout for years. I'm glad that I can give it the attention and dedication my first fanlisting deserves. Plus, I've been wanting to make a non-anime/game shrine for a while and it was an interesting experience. With an anime/game shrine, the story is already there, and you have to pick it apart for the details. With a musician, you have all the details, and from that you must create the story yourself. It's fascinating, from a very nerdy perspective.

I've also opened another fanlisting for Park Bom of kpop group 2NE1. I've also started a Livejournal community called girlgroup for sharing news and graphics of kpop, jpop, cpop, etc girl groups and bands. There are big general jpop/kpop comms, and there are specfic group comms. Both are great for their purpose, but I felt like the Asian pop fandom should have something in between the two ends as well. The name is a clear one that will hopefully be self-sustainable later on.

Also, some music icons to share!

Jpop/Kpop Icons
[10] Do As Infinity
[06] Rania


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23 May 2011 @ 09:36 pm
I wasn't planning to make icons today. But I stumbled upon an adorable, old icon made by my friend Mila at cieloeterno and (because I wanted more) it inspired me to make some crappy knockoff versions. Plus, my shrines finally get the Icon pages they've been waiting for.

Itadaki Street Icons
[10] FF8 - Rinoa Heartilly
[10] FF7 - Yuffie Kisaragi


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23 May 2011 @ 02:34 pm
Vanishing Star has been updated with screen captures from Final Fantasy VII's 3rd and 4th disc. The Disc 3 caps come from me, and the Disc 4 caps were kindly contributed by princess. I'm glad the fmv captures are done because media sections are really tiring to do.

I also put up a convenient form on my contact page.
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25 April 2011 @ 01:21 am
Just a couple quick items of note.
  • Roses Have Thorns has been updated with in-game screenshots of Lightning from Dissidia 012. These are from daisakusen and posted with their permission.
  • 1000 Words has been updated with some 100x100 icons of Lenne, just as I was about to take down that section. These were kindly donated by Rissa of
So the theme of this update is "Donations are Great!". I'm fortunate to be part of fandoms where individuals help share and contribute to the distribution of knowledge, media, and miscellaneous goodies. Hooray.
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26 March 2011 @ 09:24 pm
  Small update here. I have new fanlisting called Top Secret. It's for SECRET, a Kpop girl group that captured my attention a couple months ago. I rather like their personalities and vocals, especially since they're represented by such small recording agency, which is a big obstacle to recognition in that industry.

I have a bunch of new images and Dissidia screencaps I'm planning to put up on Roses Have Thorns. They're all ready to go, I've just been a bit overwhelmed and content updates tend to push to the backburner, unfortunately. Next update!
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01 March 2011 @ 07:09 pm

Vanishing Star

My old website is back! Vanishing Star is a shrine for Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. It was my first shrine and I've been intending to revive it for a while. It only took... what, several years? D:

The site has been online and accessible for a while now. I was reluctant to plug it because all the incomplete sections are bothering me. But after being online for two months, I can't really pretend like it's not up. ^^; It's a good starting foundation.

Some of the fmv screencaps are just bad, so no need to inform me. :( Once I find better quality videos, I'll replace the current ones. I'll keep them up for now because someone out there must be in need of blurry, large resolutions. I've never been a stickler about media either. If that one person can find my blurry gallery useful, I'd rather have the low quality images up than none at all.

I'm accepting affiliates and link exchanges of any RPG video game shrines! So feel free to ask, no matter how different you think the characters are. I don't care if it's Metroid, Silent Hill, or Pokemon. It's an unusual approach towards linking, but it's consistent with my values of reaching out casual fans and strengthening the fansite community. Linking is an invaluable tool. Shrine building is a niche hobby (especially because of Web 2.0); certain video game series are niche fandoms. It's better for our survival to think of us as a shrining community or video game community, rather than be limited to specific fandoms. I already act this way in regards to personal connections, so why shouldn't my websites should reflect the same philosophy?

Up next! SECRET fanlisting; DAI shrine for Fanlisting → Shrine marathon.
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